These protein bars where a lifesaver!

I tried all the flavors and the chocolate chip cookie dough is the best! I have been able to use these to replace a meal if I do not have time to eat and stop for lunch. I have given up wheat and...



What else can I say? Another great flavor from Quest Bar. Its a nice berry flavor with little pieces of berries and almonds in it. Its a great low carb bar! Tastes kinda like a muffin if you warm it...

The best protein bar just got better


I didn’t think Quest Bar’s excellent line of protein bars could get any better, but with their newest ‘All Natural’ line, the quality of their products have gone through the...


Best bar out there!!!!


1) This is the best flavor of quest bar that I have tried. It is the least chewiest. Doesn’t make my jaw hurt like their other flavors. I would rank this on one of the tope five tastiest...


Great protein bars – low GI hit

I’ve been using these bars to “maintain” my weight as I recoup from Ankle surgery – Meaning i havent been able to do ANY cardio – I have maintained my 160-165 lb 8%BF...


Delicious low carb, high protein bar

If I’m craving a sweet, high calorie treat, I have one of these instead. Yes, 6g fat isn’t great when you’re on a diet, but the fat comes from nuts and the nuts are the secret to...

Chocolate Brownie Protein Bar 170 Cal

This protein bar is different! Dark brown. Like a real brownie, gives you the sensation of actually cheating on your diet, still chewy. Great color and aroma. Initial bite was pretty good, then the...

Cinnamon roll Protein Bar 170 Cal


Chewy, cookie like, cinnamon flavor subtle. Coconut seems to be there too. Not very sweet and artificial sweetener not very prominent. Quite filling.Tasty **** Overall rating of B+ for this protein...

Strawberry cheesecake protein bar – all natural line

The first my Quest Protein Bar that my wife and I tried. Chewy, quite filling, mildly sweet, not extremely delicious, 160 cal **** taste B+


Great Protein Bar..but beware if concerned about blood sugar


For those that aren’t already familiar with Quest Bars: Quest Bars are my go-to protein bar. They are one of the few “true” protein bars out there. They’re much more...